Tuesday, July 2, 2013

TMC prep time!

After getting an email today from Lisa, it became a little more real that TMC13 is about three weeks away.  I better get my act together!

I'm putting out a request for samples of tests and quizzes from any of you from any class.  My intent is to share with folks ways to change assessments to make them more accessible to those kids with challenges.  I think it would be valuable to show the essentials ideas with a variety of subjects and teacher styles.

Please send anything you are comfortable sharing to me, fourkatie, at my yahoo mail!

Thanks in advance!!!

Edited to add:  I'm looking for anything and everything.  They can be good, bad, or ugly.  I can give you credit or black out your name.  I'm just looking for authentic examples of quizzes and tests.  


  1. Hi Katie,

    I don't have time right this minute, but they are coming and they are ugly! (I did not write them but was commanded to give them) Amy