Monday, July 1, 2013

Charged up!

I've got some made4math ideas floating around, but haven't gathered the supplies yet to attack any of them, but I did just set up a work area in my living room. I decided it was time to a have a work surface other than the nightstand next to my bed.  My favorite part of this new work space is that I have set up a charging station for all of my devices (and those of my kiddos).  I used this magazine rack from Ikea
Flata storage rack from Ikea
What caught my eye was that it has many openings and I thought that I could repurpose it as a charging station.  I fed the cables for my laptop, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and iPod through those openings and now I have a place for all the devices to charge.  A plus is that now I also know where the iPad and iPod that my children use are at the end of each day.

Front View

Side View

So not exactly a #made4math, but a repurposed, organizational idea!


  1. Here's what i love about this...when i saw title, i thought, oh cool, she's got a charging station for students in her classroom for byod! Wheels turning now for me! Love it as described too!