Sunday, August 4, 2013


I should be working on setting up my interactive notebooks (INB) for  classes, but that task seems overwhelming, so I procrastinated by thinking about my warm-up.

I have a 6th gradeish level math class first period. As a school for students with learning disabilities, many of whom have challenges in reading, there is an emphasis on improving reading. All first period classes complete a set of reading fluencies (timed, repeated readings) with their students. This occurs daily.  I've not had math first period in a long time, and I needed to work out a way to get the reading done and then easily slide into more mathy-type topics.

I decided to use the Estimation 180 as a start of class activity.  As students finish their readings (I think I'm going with paired student reading, with a rotation of one-on-one reads with me as there are an odd number of students in my class). The Estimation 180 of the day will be projected at the start of class, and as students finish up their reads they will complete their estimates. A great handout was posted recently on the site. I've modified that handout into a 2-per-sheet workspace to be pasted into a student composition book. This will be a separate notebook from the INB since my intention for the INB is for students to be creating their own "textbook". (More on this as I work out the details)

My worksheet. Click to download from as .docx or as pdf

I originally was thinking about going with white boarding and just using the Estimation 180 recording form, but I really wanted a record of the students' work preserved so they could refer back to it. Using the composition book and form, students get the help of a structure to work with, but also to have the page opposite, page under, or even next few pages to use to work out their thinking. To give this the importance and room it need, as well as to give this a different emphasis from their INB, it needed to be in its own space.

I'd like to keep track of their ongoing accuracy with estimation, but I haven't decided on individual collection forms in their notebook (may create redundancy with recording data) or a group bulletin board where that is collected as we share.  This may depend on the classroom space (not sure what room I'll be in for this class).

Edited to add:
I used the free Lexia Readable font on this form. It is available for download.