Sunday, August 24, 2014

3-2-1 Summary - week #2

3 - Days of Preservice Training

A lovely change this year was that instead of 5 days of preservice training, we only had 3.  Of those 3 days of training, MORE THAN HALF of each day was set aside for prepping lessons and getting classrooms ready. It was awesome.

2 - Days of Weekend 

I spent the weekend at the fair with my kids and my in-laws.  It was grand fun, but I am tired and I did NO school work.

1 - First day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school with the kids and I am so not ready.  I did however get a kick out of my sons' reactions to the list of things I was gathering for tomorrow:
  • every deck of cards we have in the house
  • a hula hoop
  • a ball of yarn
  • a mason jar
  • card stock

The deck of cards is for my Algebra 1 group, we are doing 31-derful tomorrow and the rest of the items are for some ice breakers I'm doing with the whole school (really, really small school).  I'm looking forward to the start of the new year!