Monday, July 16, 2012

File folders, duct tape, and scissors. Oh my!

It's another Made 4 Math Monday!

For this week, I played with file folders and duct tape to make a hanging pocket folder.  This was inspired by this Monday Made It post.  I originally started with regular file folders and then had issues with how far to spread them out and measurements and other OCD-it-won't-be-perfect issues.  My intended use for the hanging file was for half sheet forms that we access daily and I just couldn't get the spread to work and look aesthetically pleasing.  Instead of scrapping the idea, I decided instead to use the slash pocket file folder separators that we use in the kids' three-ring binders at school because we have bunches and then I used the holes to help align how far they were separated.

I used 3 slash pocket folders.  I aligned the holes and then carefully flipped them over and used clear packing tape to tape them together.

I measured the diagonals.

Then I cut lengths of duct tape the size of the diagonal.  After, I cut the tape down the center to make two thinner strips.

I made marks a centimeter to the side of the pocket opening and then drew a line connecting the marks.

I lined the duct tape up along the line and then folded it over and tucked it behind the pocket opening.

I then covered the top, bottom, left, and right with the duct tape. I measured an inch around, drew lines and used it to line up the duct tape before pressing and folding it behind. I'm thinking that I will hang this one horizontally.

I made another intending to use it for full length sheets, but was not as excited about how the full length sheets fit. (Left and right side were only taped with 1/4 inch duct tape exposed to accommodate the width of a full sheet of paper) I was also not too excited about the way it looked with multiple colors. I tried to fix that by add the additional duct tape stripes, but it wasn't doing it for me.

So I repeated the process, but spread the folders out more.  This time I aligned the top of one folder to the bottom of the folder opening.  I liked the result much better.  (The folder color choice was made to coordinate to the three forms we use.)
I'm not sure how I'm going to hang them, as I don't know what I'm teaching or what rooms I'll be in yet.  So who knows if they'll be going up on cinder block or bulletin board? I think I may punch holes and use Command Hangers.  I'll post pictures when they finally find a home.

I also made pretty pens like @druinok did for the first Made 4 Math Monday.  I followed these directions along with druinok's measurements of .75" by 3.5".  Like @misscalcul8 I am matchy-matchy and had to use paper that coordinated with the pen color. I LOVE THESE.  What's awesome is that these pens will easily be identified as MINE!

I've got a couple other projects in the works, but they aren't complete enough to share yet.  I downloaded a trial copy of Bento and have been working on some digital goodness to keep me organized this coming year.  I've also been plotting some desk drawer organization, too.  I guess they'll have to wait until next Monday!


  1. Love your file folder handy things! So cute.

  2. Wow wow wow - that folder creation is just gorgeous! Where did you find the slash pockets? I think I see another shopping trip in my future...

  3. We have the slash pockets at school so they were a freebie for me! I really like the blue one - I find the color combo soothing. I'm pretty sure we order them from Staples or Quill.

  4. LOVE the file folders!!! I like how the papers you placed in them are color coordinated with the colors of the file folders!

  5. The folders are wonderful! Can't wait to see the future desk organizing ideas.